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20 Beauty Blog Post Ideas!

Hello blogging world todays post is an idea’s post!  Exploring ideas and themes for blogging posts… more specifically beauty blogger posts. As someone new to the blogging world (and loving every second of it might I add) I’ve really put work in and done my research. Armed with my trusty planner and the internet I narrowed it down to 20 post ideas I love and hope you all love too.



  1. Face of the day.
  2. Best in beauty for that specific month/year.
  3. Outfit of the day.
  4. A beginners guide.
  5. An A-Z post,
  6. Before and after looks.
  7. A beauty/makeup wish list.
  8. Pro’s and Con’s.
  9. Review.
  10. Look Book.
  11. Why you chose the beauty niche.
  12. Morning routine.
  13. Night-time routine.
  14. Easy 15 minute makeup look. (Time can vary)
  15. Event/seasonal makeup.
  16. The best in haircare products.
  17. Makeup look with 6 or less items.
  18. A cheat sheet.
  19. A hair or makeup Tutorial.
  20. A ‘get the look’ post.

Thanks for reading and hope you were inspired, I know I’m looking forward to trying these out!


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