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Favorite makeup trends of 2016! (Catwalk edition)

Hello blogosphere world and welcome to todays post on ….. (drumroll please) my favorite makeup trends of 2016 straight from the catwalk!  I think 2016 was a really progressive year for the world of makeup and creativity and there have been MANY new trends to come from 2016 catwalk shows so let’s have a little explore of them and discuss our favorite?

New Grunge –

Marc Jacobs – New York Fashion Week – Spring 2016.

Combining fresh glowy looking skin with a grunge twist to create a whole new genre of grunge, The pops of Smokey dark color are personally my favorite thing about this look. The natural brow trend also makes an appearance. This to me is the ‘I can’t be bothered look’ done right and made colourful!


Chic Gothic –

Dior – Fall 2016.

Taking it one step further from ‘New Grunge’ Chic goth combines paled out skin with dark glossy lips and dark defined lashes and brows. This look gives an elegant new age twist on a gothic look. Its very simple and easy to pull off however looks so unique and different and of course was a perfect look for the fall.


Faux Freckles –

Emanuel Ungaro – Spring/Summer 2016.

Carrying on that number one trend of fresh faced glowy skin no makeup-makeup that we saw on every catwalk in 2016, This look goes a little further by adding Faux Freckles! A trend i adored this year! When done right Faux Freckles can look natural and pretty. The Freckles are created with eyeshadow or lip liner.


Hippy Doll –

Louis Vuitton – 2016.


A trend that saw makeup-artists create exaggerated big features on AGAIN natural looking skin. With huge lashes and even lashes added to the bottom lash line. However natural the base makeup is this look is anything but natural or “everyday” This is a trend you can interpret anyway you’d like and that’s what I love about it. Again the brows are also left thick and natural and this contrasts perfectly with the over-done everything else.


Natural Elegance –

Dolce and Gabbana – 2016.

I think this has got to be my favorite. Chiseled Contour, Natural base makeup…and again with natural barely touched brows but this time paired with a very classic flick eyeliner and faint pops of floral colour. The pops of floral add to the elegance and add a colourful everyday aspect to this trend.


And that’s it for todays post, I love each one of these trends and cant wait to see what inspiration the 2017 catwalks give us. Thanks for reading, What was your favorite trend of 2016?


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