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How to do a ‘Lazy Sunday’ right

Hello Blogosphere world! welcome to todays post! What better post to do on a Sunday than a ‘how to do a lazy Sunday right’ post. I really enjoy doing list posts a lot especially ones I would like to see myself so here’s a list of ideas to make your Sunday as relaxing as possible.


Planning the week ahead – I’m going to start with quite a controversial one but I’m the type of person who absolutely loves new stationary and sitting down with a pack of multicolored fine liners, notebook and my planner and just running with it. To me its super relaxing and makes me feel like I have my whole week planned and therefore takes the pressure off. And although I know some people might not see ‘planning’ as a relaxing activity id say don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

Settling down with a hot drink and a good book – One for the bookworms out there. There really is little more relaxing than starting a brand new book and losing a day to it. Why not take the day to discover a new genre or try something you would never normally read, you might find your new favorite book!

Movie Marathons! – Obviously Sunday’s are a day your allowed to do whatever you want so also losing a day to your favorite movie franchise/genre can be just as fun/relaxing. Make your favorite snack grab a drink and settle in!

Binge watching – As with Movie marathons, Binge watching of your favorite Netflix TV series is just as relaxing and a true Sunday activity.

Exercise! If chilling out and staying inside just isn’t your thing then get outdoors! Exercise helps boost your mood so a gentle jog, yoga or even a walk isn’t a bad idea. Even half an hour out of the day can make all the difference.

Treat yourself to a spa day A spa day complete with full skin care routine, Face mask and manicure both relaxes you and gets you ready for the week. Try playing some relaxing music in the background and using essential oils for the real spa at home experience.

Take a relaxing bath – To me there’s nothing more calming than a lush bath (The Twilight bath bomb is my favorite for this) Light some candles, get the temperature just right and soak till your heart’s content. TIP: Add in some relaxing music or your favorite podcast.

Get tidy! – If cleaning and getting your house in order is relaxing and calming to you then what better day than a Sunday! You know what they say… tidy house tidy mind.

Treat yo self – (Little Parks and Rec reference there) If you’ve been saving with that one special thing in mind then what better day to push the boat out. This doesn’t necessarily mean buying something you can treat yourself by taking a cheat day or doing something you usually wouldn’t.


Anyway I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and these tips help you relax and beat the boredom! Thanks for reading and talk soon!






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