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Mid Week pamper day essentials!

Hi Blogosphere world and welcome to todays post on pamper day essentials! In the middle of a busy week if your lucky enough to have a free day its nice to take a moment for yourself, that’s what I’ve decided to do today. Below I’m listing the products I use to chill, relax and generally pamper myself with.


Products used:


  • Coconut oil – My number one Pamper day essential!  I mean I know you’ve probably heard this from everyone by now but really.. what can’t coconut oil do? I use it daily to remove my makeup (so much better for your skin than some water/oil based makeup removers. This also leaves a layer of moisture so I see this as a two in one!
  • Clinique mild liquid facial soapThis is perfect for dry/combination skin I use this after I’ve removed my makeup as a second cleanse. This just helps make sure every ounce of makeup is completely gone, your skin is clean and fresh and ready for the next step!
  • Clinique clarifying lotion  Again for dry/combination skin this is hands down my favorite toner just because you can actually feel it working (if your someone who doesn’t like that this may not be for you!) It tightens the skin and treats impurity’s. I use this by pouring a little onto a cotton pad and swiping over the face and neck.
  • NSPA radiance serumThis serum contains essential oil of Neroli and Maca Root which gave a perfect radiant appearance to the skin and to me using this product feels like I’m smoothing any impurities out. I also use this as a primer sometimes as it just gives off pure radiance!
  •  Liz Earle EYEBRIGHT soothing eye lotion As this is a liquid based lotion I again use this with a cotton pad but just over and under the eyes. This lotion has a great soothing feeling to it but also has tightening and toning properties.
  • L’Oréal HYDRA FRESH mask in lotion – Last but definitely not least is this all in one mask in lotion from L’Oréal with Grape Polyphenols and French spa water. This is recommended for Normal to dry skin and I definitely agree with that. This isn’t the product to be using if you have naturally oily skin. you can use this in many ways such as to remove makeup. Used lightly as a moisturizer or by applying a thick layer as a mask and letting it sink into the skin. I used it as a mask and love the feel of my skin after, It gives a soft, healthy and bouncy effect to the face.




  • Aussie 3 minute miracle Deep treatment deep conditioner With Australian Balm mint this product smells AMAZING and works! The balm mint is supposed to ‘mend split ends and transform unmanageable hair into shiny any and soft locks’ and that’s exactly what it does! I use this as a mask after I’ve shampooed my hair and leaving it in for around 20-30 minutes before washing out.


Bath/Shower Products:

  • Lush bath bombs! now I’m a bit bias because I’m OBSESSED with any lush product I can get my hands on but for me lush bath bombs are the best out there. There’s one for every mood. I however recommend the twilight bath bomb or the comforter bubble bar for relaxation!
  • FCUK Bodywash If you prefer a relaxing shower to a relaxing bath then this is definitely one product I would recommend. This Formula contains almond oil and feels so luxurious to use! The scent is also beautiful, Kind of floral with a slight spice warmness to it.
  • No7 Luxurious foaming shower oil This product can both be poured into a bath and used as a bubble bath oil or used in the shower. Its unique oil foams into bubbles when mixed with water. Containing Argon, Grapeseed and almond oil as well as vitamin E this is also great for your skin!


Manicure essentials!

  • Ted Baker Hand Cream Containing Jasmine and neroli this hand cream has a fantastic soft floral scent and treats and moisturizer your hands at the same time leaving them prepped and primed and ready for the last step of your pamper day!
  • The perfect Polish – There’s no better way to end your pamper day than a manicure so here are my top perfect nail polishes that I’ve been loving and wearing non stop lately:
  • Barry M Coconut Infusion nail paint – Laguna (The perfect Cornflower Blue)
  • Barry M Coconut Infusion nail paint – Skinny Dip (An off white shade)
  • Avon Opal opalesce top coat. (clear polish with green/blue holographic foil glitter.
  • O.P.I Nail Lacquer – You better pink! (pastel pink)
  • MaxFactor Gel shine lacquer – radiant Ruby.


And there you have it, My top picks for the perfect at home pamper day! what are yours? I hope you enjoyed reading todays post and feel inspired to go and have your own mini pamper session! I’ll be back Friday with a new post. Hope you have a wonderful day!



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