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What’s in my bag: The essentials!

Hello blogosphere beauties! Todays post is a what’s in my bag post. I’ve been wanting to do this post since I started up this blog. I’m only including the essentials, what I use on a daily basis and what I can’t go out the house without. So here it is!


What’s in my bag? – Michael Kors edition.

  • Purse –So the most obvious thing and the most important thing is my matching Michael Kors purse. I was lucky enough to get this purse along with the bag for Christmas and I absolutely love it!
  • Hand Sanitizer – I like to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in there (It’s always a good idea)
  • Hand cream – Hand sanitizer can be quite harsh on your hands so I like to pop a hand cream in my bag before I leave the house (My favorite has got to be the floral ted baker hand cream)
  • Mini Perfume – Whether it’s a mini bottle of perfume or a perfume filled atomizer Its a must! It’s good to have perfume on you at all times. My current scent is the cashmere mini from next. If you love a musky scent then I definitely recommend cashmere (it smells AMAZING)
  •  My lipstick of the day – Another absolute must is whatever lipstick I’m wearing that day… however I do have a habit of leaving them in there (I think I have about 20 mac lipsticks in there at the minute! anyone else guilty of this?)
  • Concealer – I can’t go anywhere without my Maybelline Eraser concealer. It’s the perfect on the go product. The attached applicator sponge makes it so easy to touch up areas in seconds!
  • A cardigan – I’m a very cold person, I feel the cold so easily so if I’m going anywhere I think I’m going to need it a Cardigan is put in the bag straight away! Plus its always nice to have a cozy item of clothing with you.
  • Notebook – I don’t like to go out without a notepad I like to keep one on me at all times incase inspiration strikes. I know I have notes on my phone but I just don’t feel like it’s the same as good old writing it down on paper.
  • Keys – And last but not least, another obvious essential is my house keys (would be pretty unlucky If I went anywhere without them)


Thanks for reading! What’s your handbag essentials? I’ll be back Sunday with another post, Talk soon!




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