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Growing up with makeup… Tuesday tea talk☕️

Hello Blogosphere beauties and welcome to todays post! I thought I would do a chill ‘Tea talk’ post today (Packed with some pretty embarrassing pictures) So make some tea, grab some snacks and let’s get to it!

So the topic of todays post is ‘growing up with Makeup’ My experiences with Makeup are what I truly think made me into the person I am today. I didn’t start using Makeup till maybe year 8 so I think I would have been around 13/14? (Don’t quote me on that) I started with a simple clear gloss and mascara which would go everywhere with me (That’s all I was allowed at the time) And as time went on I started to push the boundaries and eventually could use more and more products. To me makeup doesn’t and never did give me my entire identity but it certainly helped. I grew up in the ‘YouTube era’ when makeup guru’s first started to become popular and the nights I sat in front of my mirror with my makeup bag and my laptop were countless. I think I’ve always had that love for everything makeup and beauty from watching my Mam and my sister apply there makeup when I was still young. so as soon as I could start doing something about it… I did. I know a lot of people will say makeup is just a way to make yourself look decent and better than when you woke up… but for me Makeup is all about your ‘mood’ or ‘personality’ that day. You can express how your feeling with colour, shape and texture… its art. All the makeup tutorials I’ve watched over the years have I’d like to think left me with a little knowledge with what I’m doing… which wasn’t necessarily the case back in the day (we all look back on the days we started ‘experimenting’ with makeup and cringe!) but no matter all the twists and turns of my youth id like to say a great big thank you to makeup as I genuinely don’t think id have grown my confidence (it wasn’t solely responsible but it played a major part) and just for straight up being my passion.

What about you guys? What was your first makeup product? Thank you for reading todays post I know it was a little bit of a ramble but I just wanted to sit down and write to you today instead of reviewing or a specific topic. I enjoy these ‘tea posts’ as they feel very real. I’ll be back tomorrow with another post, speak soon!



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