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Top 5 tips for building Self-Confidence! (Positive Vibes!)

Hi blogosphere world! Welcome to todays post on self-confidence! I’ve never exactly been the most confident person but id like to think over the last few years I’ve had quite a lot of personal growth and I’ve been able to increase my confidence levels so much! I personally know how much having a little self Confidence can help day-to-day life. So I thought today I would do a post where I share a few of the tips I’ve learnt over the years!

My 5 Tips for Self Confidence!

  1. Focus on the positives! – Focusing on the positives can really help with boosting your self-confidence. As human beings we tend to focus on the negatives in life! But something as simple as changing the way you see certain things can really help you out!
  2. Don’t compare yourself to others – Comparing ourselves to others is the worst thing and most useless thing we can do. We are all unique and different in our own way and we all have different levels (whether that be how quick we learn things, ETC) But that doesn’t mean we are any less than anyone else. Remembering that at all times boost self-confidence levels through the roof!
  3. Say yes more often to great opportunities – Again with the ‘mindset’ thing telling yourself you can do more and saying yes to more opportunities that are handed to you can really affect how you take on things and your confidence levels.
  4. Music! – This might sound like a bit of a silly one but music is known to affect the brain and influence people emotionally. Listening to the right music can have SUCH an effect on you! (I know this works amazingly for me) And that’s why I decided to list it here, If your feeling in need of a little extra self-confidence just pop on your favorite mood boosting tunes and go!
  5. Talk to Someone – Everyone at some stage of their life has felt the need for more self-confidence and talking to someone whether it be a friend, family member or just anyone you feel comfortable with, will make you realise your not alone. Also just the act of talking and laughing with the people we love the most helps boost that confidence right away!

If your a reading fan and you benefit and really take things in by reading a book on it (I know I do) Then I suggest you check this link out: self-confidence Amazon has some great reading material that really helped me (This is my Amazon link lovelies, Full disclosure and everything!)

Personally I’d recommend you to check out  Your Little Steps to Self Confidence guide – fab! 

Thanks so much for reading lovelies! I’ll be back with a post on Friday, I hope you have a lovely day what are your tips on self-confidence? Talk soon!



14 thoughts on “Top 5 tips for building Self-Confidence! (Positive Vibes!)

  1. Such an important thing for people to be talking about. Feel like I have endless issues with self confidence. I guess it’s something everyone has to work on within themselves to a certain extent, but a bit of good advice always helps! x

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  2. Number 2 is a big one for me. I always see people being prettier or being funnier of being more kind. It’s just so hard to not comparing yourself to them. I think it’s super important to talk about this (I did myself) and it’s great that you made a blogpost about it. Have a wonderful week xx

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  3. Great tips!! I think a big thing for me is being able to focus on positives sometimes I allow myself to just drown in the negatives in my life so much so that I forget all the awesome positives I have. It’s funny how much power positive and negative thoughts have!

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