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How to beat, treat and prevent the dreaded breakouts!

Hi Blogosphere world and welcome to todays post! I wanted to do a post on something that is SO important to me and that’s fighting those dreaded breakouts! I suffer from ALOT of breakouts unfortunately and know first hand just how rubbish they can make you feel! So I decided for today’s post I would share a few tips and tricks I use myself to beat, treat and prevent the dreaded breakouts!

Breakouts 101

The fact of the matter is that so many things cause us to break out from stress, our genes and even the hair products we use! But there are ways to lessen the blow and treat it! Here are my tips and tricks!

  • Don’t over-do the skin care products! – I’m guilty of this in the past and its so easy to do, You get a spot or start to breakout and you instantly throw every spot-treatment oil, cream and serum you have onto those bad boys but the thing is overloading your skin isn’t going to help. In fact it’s probably going to make your breakout even worse. By adding excess oils and creams to your breakouts it just clogs your pores up even more. There’s nothing wrong with using a treatment to clear your spots but just don’t use ten all at once!
  • Clean your makeup brushes – A way to stop that breakout before it even arrives is to regularly clean your makeup brushes. As lovely as it sounds your makeup brushes are filled with bacteria… And I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be constantly applying that bacteria to my face while also applying my foundation… Get the coconut oil out and give those brushes a wash!
  • Touching your spots – Pretty much the same as your makeup brushes, your hands also harbour unwanted bacteria so when you’re popping spots you’re adding that bacteria to your face.. not a pleasant thought!
  • Sleep! – Believe it or not sleep is a huge important factor to breaking out. Now I’m guilty of not getting enough sleep and I know this probably doesn’t help me out! Not enough sleep = More stressed out and that stress in turn causes you to breakout. Try and get your 8 hours!
  • The products you’re using – Whether it be skin care products or makeup products sometimes our skin reacts Badly to different products. If you notice your skin breaks out even worse when you use a certain product it might be time to chuck that one out!
  • Have a set skin-care routine – This one really helped me. Sticking to the same kind of routine helped get my skin into a much better condition. I believe a skin care routine is so important anyway but the fact that it stops those pesky spots is a huge bonus!


And there you have it my top tips and tricks to get rid of and prevent breakouts, What are some tips and tricks that you have? I hope you enjoyed todays post and thanks so much for reading! I’ll be back on Sunday with a new post! Speak soon!



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