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The concept of Hygge – A cozy winter! With recommendations!

‘Hi Blogosphere beauties! And welcome to todays post! I’ve wanted to do a post on Hygge (Pronounced HOO-GA) since I started this blog in the new year and now I’m finally doing it and super excited! Hygge is a concept I learned a lot about in the November/December months of last year. Basically Hygge is a Danish concept for ‘coziness’ or rather everything that makes you feel cozy, warm and content! In this post I want to explore all the ways we can practise Hygge and how it positively affects us. The Danes use Hygge to beat the Long, Dark and cold winters they experience and I think it’s the perfect way to beat the after Christmas winter blues! I thought I’d add some recommendations through my amazon affiliate links of the things I personally love so if you’d like to check them out lovelies I’ll have them linked under the Tips!

Top ways to achieve Hygge!

  • Mood Lighting – All mood lighting including Candles and Fairy-Lights can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere. I personally use lots of fairy lights and light candles almost every night in the winter to beat the cold and darkness.

Find Beautiful Fairy Lights here !                                         – Find Relaxing Candles here!

  • Self care – Having a great self-care routine is super important when it comes to achieving Hygge. Looking after yourself and taking time out of a busy schedule to do the things that you love is guaranteed to lift your mood and make you feel cozy!

Wonderful book all about self-carehere !

  • Cozy Blankets – I love this one so much! I probably own way too many fleecy blankets but I’m just obsessed with them! I think warm blankets make any room more homey and bring that cozy feeling of Hygge straight away. There’s nothing quite like being tucked up in a huge blanket!

I’m obsessed with this Thick knit blanket! – Cute Chevron Printed Blanket!

  • Calm Interiors  – Calming decor and colour palettes are the ideal ways to bring Hygge into your home! Colours can affect the way your brain works and calming colours really can ‘soothe the soul’ and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • A relaxing bath – There’s no better way to relax and feel cozy inside than sinking into a Bubble bath! Grab your favorite bath bombs, get the water temperature just right and hop in!
  • Reading – Nothing screams hygge more to me than curling up with your favorite book and a cup of tea!
  • Pinterest scrolling – One of my favorite things to feel Hygge is to search it on pinterest… there are tons of idea’s and lovely pictures to explore!
  • Comfy clothes – Seems though Hygge is about feeling warm, cozy and content what better way to achieve that than to throw on your favorite over-sized jumper!



And that’s it for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed lovelies, What your favorite way to feel Hygge? I’ll be back with a new post tomorrow. Talk soon!



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