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Five Makeup hacks I actually use!

Hello my blogosphere beauties and welcome to todays post! I thought I would do a ‘Five Makeup hacks’ post today but only list hacks I use myself and that I know work! So underneath is a list of my top 5! I hope you find these helpful if you havent already heard of them. It’s always nice to know there’s ways to make makeup application easier!

Five Makeup hacks!

  1. Using white eyeliner in the waterline to make you eyes look bigger! – I’ve used this little trick for years and its one of my favorites. Whenever im having a ‘I cant be bothered so im going to go for the lazy makeup’ day I use white liner in my waterline to make me look more awake and fresh-faced while at the same time making my eyes look bigger and sparkle!
  2. Mixing moisturizer into your foundation to lessen the coverage – Bought a foundation but it’s too thick and the coverage is just a bit too much for you? Adding a little bit of moisturizer to the mix can help thin your foundation and is also a little added moisture benefit for your skin!
  3. Using a water spray on your makeup brush to get the most out of your highlighter – This one I use every day. Simply spraying a little water on your brush before you pick up your highlighter with it makes even to most disappointingly pigmented highlighters look stunning!
  4. The triangle of concealer under the eye trick! – The best way to apply your under eye concealer is to swipe it on in a triangle and not just one stroke under your eyes. You wont believe the difference this makes. I didn’t know about this trick for years and for the last couple of years ive used it ive seen a huge noticeable difference.
  5. Setting your lipstick with translucent powder – Trouble keeping your lipstick on all day? Try dusting a thin layer of translucent powder (obviously this works best with matte lipstick as this can also take away shine from your lipstick) This tip is amazing and has really helped make my lipstick un-budgeable!


So that’s it for today’s post lovelies! I hope you enjoyed reading and these tips were helpful to you, What Hacks do you use? leave them in the comments? I’ll be back with a new post on Friday Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!



8 thoughts on “Five Makeup hacks I actually use!

  1. Great hacks! I love adding moisturiser to my foundation too, it just gives such a fresh dewy feel to my skin. I love it! 💕 Setting lipstick with translucent powder is one I definitely have to try 🤔 my lipsticks have trouble sticking to my lips… o m g is that why they’re called lipsticks 😅 *epiphany* 🙈



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