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How I plan my blog posts and KEEP a schedule!

Hello blogosphere world and welcome to todays post! today I’m doing a post all on how I plan my blog posts and keep a schedule! Keeping a schedule is probably one of the hardest parts of blogging as well as coming up with multiple blog post ideas each week but hopefully I can help you out a little with a few tips I’ve learnt over the last couple of months blogging. I’m in no way an expert at these things but I enjoy finding out how other people schedule and plan their blog so I thought there may be a few people out there like me who would enjoy this kind of posts. Enjoy!

 Planning blog posts

  • The importance of Notepads – Having a notepad on you for when inspiration strikes is so important! And will end up making your life a whole lot easier! I know inspiration for my blog posts tends to strike at the most random of times/places so being able to physically write it down doesn’t just mean it’s there to look at but I’m much more likely to remember!
  • Spider diagrams and brainstorming I use spider diagrams and thought bubbles all the time to figure out new idea’s. I find when I first start with an idea by the time I’ve put it in a diagram and worked on it I’ll come up with another 20 sub genres I can also write about and it just goes on endlessly. If again your one for writing things down then you’ll find this tip amazing when your completely stuck!
  • Themes/Genres – Looking at what really works for your certain Niche and blog is a great way of knowing what to write more of and maybe not write so much of. So for instance if like me you’re a beauty blogger look on your blog and find what sub genre does the best (makeup? fashion? hair?) and use that to your advantage.
  • Popularity in your Niche – Similar to the last one but slightly different is identifying the most popular posts/ideas that are going around your niche and either running with them or modifying them to fit with your blog.
  • The 10 minute alarm method – Another way to list idea’s is to sit with a notebook and a 10 minute alarm on your phone and list as many Idea’s as you can. Then when your 10 minutes is up review what you have written down and look for idea’s you can make into posts.
  • Discussing Ideas – Another way to generate idea’s is to discuss them. This can either be with another blogger or even friends and family. When you start to discuss something the cogs start turning in your head and you’ll be surprised with how many Idea’s you could end up with.


Keeping a schedule

  • Writing your blog post idea’s out for the week as a ‘weekly schedule’ – I keep a weekly schedule on paper (I post Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) So having a schedule really helps me keep in check which posts I need to be working on and when.
  • Scheduling – Scheduling posts is a great tool and you should definitely use it to your full advantage! I know for me its impossible to write posts nearly every single day (I work as well) but I still want to make sure that I get my content up on time and keep my schedule around working. Writing posts during the week and scheduling them insures you stick to a schedule no matter how difficult it is.
  • Give yourself a set ‘Writing time’ – Giving yourself a certain time on certain days where you know you will be free makes sure you will always get your posts written and scheduled in time.
  • Create a schedule you can stick too – Create a post schedule you know you will be able to achieve for both you and your readers. If you can only post once a week that’s better than posting more and exhausting yourself!


And that’s it for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed these tips, What are some of your own tips when it comes to blogging? Thanks for reading and I’ll be back on Sunday with another post! Speak soon!



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