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Q&A answers – 500 followers celebration!

Hello blogosphere beauties and welcome to todays post, the second part of my 500 follower celebrations where I answer your questions left in the comments of my celebration post! There were a few questions left so I thought I’d do a nice short post for this Sunday. So lets’ get on with the post!


My 500 follower Q&A

  • If you could go anywhere where would you go? – I’ve always wanted to travel to New York for Christmas! It’s my life-goal/dream that hopefully will come true one day! I’m also one of those people who would happily travel the world if I could!
  • What suggestions would you give to new bloggers? – Make sure your blog is a space you enjoy and somewhere you feel comfortable writing. Use things you would like to see as inspiration for things you should write about. If you love what your writing then that should shine through and others will be able to see your passionate and committed to your blog. Also if you have a schedule try to stick to it. I feel like people really enjoy consistency in a blog.
  • How can they increase their followers? – All I can think of to answer this question is socializing with other blogs you love! To me the community is why I really love blogging so much and making sure you’re an active part of the beauty blogger community/ whatever your niche is by taking an interest in other blogs really helps.
  • What inspired you to start blogging? – Great question! I’ve been meaning to start this blog for so long so the fact we were coming up to a new year really just gave me a shove in the right direction and I decided now was the time. I’ve always loved reading blogs and wanted to be a part of that myself and write about what I love. I love this little blog and what it has become. It’s my own little personal space!


That’s it for today’s post lovelies! Just a short one today I hope you enjoyed it and thanks to the people who left questions!  I’ll be back with another post tomorrow, speak then!



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