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10 Things on my bucket list!

Hello blogosphere world, welcome to todays post I though I would do a bucket list today! I know a lot of these posts went around when 2017 hit and I’m a little late but this isn’t just going to be things I want to achieve in 2017 its going to be an overall bucket list. I’ve got so many things I want to achieve/do so I thought I would condense that list down and pop the 10 most important things on my list!


My Bucket List!

  1. To say ‘yes’ to more opportunity’s – I’ll start with a one that’s very important to me. I’m guilty of letting good opportunity’s go because I’m either to scared of them or I’m too unsure of myself. Lately I’ve realised how ridiculous this is as it stands in the way of so much!
  2. Read as much as I possibly can – To me reading is education. I adore reading and the creativity of jumping into totally different and new worlds. So to read more is definitely on the list!
  3. Concentrate on blogging – Since I started blogging this year I’ve realised how much I’ve been missing out by holding off starting this blog for so long. I love writing on here and the community it brings with it.
  4. New York at Christmas! – This is one of my MUST items on this list its my absolute dream! This is one thing I really hope to do sometime in my life, The idea of spending Christmas in a holiday card picture worthy location is just ultimate goals!
  5. Travel as much as I possible can! –I would happily travel the world if that becomes possible! I have a love of travel and a lot of things I want to see and a lot of things I would love to do!
  6. Learn how to ski – I’d love to learn how to ski so I can stay at a ski chalet sometime!
  7. Open an Etsy store – Now this one I’ve been looking into for a while, I love anything hand crafted and I love at home DIY’s and I would say I’m fairly good at them (if I do say so myself haha!) So obviously Etsy does come to mind. Id love to open my own store on there.
  8. Look back into my family history – This is one I’ve also been looking into, learning the back story of my life really interests me and overall I think knowing where you come from and all about your ancestors is pretty awesome!
  9. Take part in a ghost hunt – One thing that I don’t think ive ever posted here is my love for anything and everything paranormal. If someone would let me join a team of paranormal experts who go to old creepy abandoned buildings I would 100 percent say yes! What creeps normal people out really just interests me, I’ve had a few experiences of my own in this field as well so maybe that’s why I’m such a big believer!
  10. See a psychic  – I don’t believe in all Psychics out there and I know there are many who just say anything and take your money! But I would love to see a really good genuine Psychic in fact I want to tick this one off the list before the year ends.



And that’s it for today’s post my lovelies! I hope you enjoyed It! Whats on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments. I’ll be back with another post on Sunday Speak soon!



12 thoughts on “10 Things on my bucket list!

  1. I have some of the same things on my bucket list! This was a great post so I thought I would nominate you for the One Lovely Blogger award. I see someone else did too so I’m not sure if you can be nominated twice? But hey, you’re an amazing blogger! I look forward to see what your next blog will be.


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  2. Love this, I recently started looking into my family history and I’m so glad I did, so interesting but also just nice to know where my roots lie! x

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  3. Amazing list, it’s so nice to see something different from ‘bungee jumping’! I really liked your last idea, I don’t believe in psychics too but I’m also too curious about them. And about the New York thing.. I wish I could be there for the New Years Eve. Good luck with achieving all these!


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