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Turning 21 and the things I’ve learnt in life so far!

Hello blogosphere world! its been a while! (I begrudgingly admit) I’m so sorry I seemed to give up with this blog for so long then come back for one measly post and disappear again! That is NOT what this space was intended for at all. Next Monday I turn the big 2-1 and sitting here thinking about my life so far has made me realise how much I’ve grown and learnt in that relatively short span (I refuse to believe I’m getting older) but it also made me want to come back on here and start this up properly again! Blogging is something I’ve always enjoyed and I find it soothing to sit down and type away any problems or thoughts I might have and recently I’ve just really missed it and the wonderful community. So today I’m back with my first post in a while and it’s quite a fitting one, All the things I’ve learned about life and just about everything in it up until this point. I hope you all enjoy reading this and my other regular posts after this one too, Thanks for sticking around and reading the ramblings of a (almost) 21-year-old!

1 – Things DO actually get better – Ahhhh the clich√© I would do anything to go back in time and tell 13-year-old me, Although everyone will have had different childhoods I’m sure there’s that point in your early teenage years for everyone¬†(you know when the angst kicks in) when life’s all unfair and it sorta feels like it’ll be that way forever. However believe it or not it wont always be that way, you’ll grow up and ‘find yourself’ (I’m full of the clich√©s today)

2 – Don’t listen to others, do as you please – This is something that is SOOO important to me nowadays. I used to try to be a people pleaser and eventually you just get sick of it. At the end of the day your happiness should always come first and as long as your sensible and not putting yourself in any danger you should do what makes you happy with YOUR life.

3 – Saying yes to more opens brand new opportunities you didn’t even know were possible – This one ties in with my last point, I said no and shied away from so many things in the past and Add to dictionary I still do sometimes, its something I think we should all work on, we only end up being our own worst enemy if we’re always shutting down new things.

4 – Put everything into your relationships – This is¬†applicable to everyone in¬†your life, Having friends and family around you and having that bond there is¬†essentially what makes you ‘you’ and what makes you happy is knowing you have those people around you.

5 –¬†Don’t ‘look’ for love it comes out of¬†nowhere¬†– That’s right ladies and gentleman! Its getting deep here on KatieBlogsItAll,¬†I’ve never been open to the idea of ‘love’ but this year for the first time ever I realised that ‘when you know you know’ when I fell in¬†love for the very first time with the most amazing man I’ve ever met when I wasn’t even looking!¬†(seriously I should have known how cheesy this post would get I apologise if you have the sick buckets out!)

6 – Finding your outlet is the best thing you can do – whether that’s a hobby such as blogging or some sort of sport or activity having an ‘outlet’ is amazing and so so important.

7 – Don’t take things so seriously – Anybody who knows me will tell you I’m sooooo not a ‘serious’ person. In fact there’s little I ever take seriously really. Living life seriously is no fun at all! (yeah there are times you WILL have to) but never take yourself seriously and sprinkle that fun wherever you go!

8 – Yeah you’ll make mistakes but that’s alright! – This one speaks for itself really. We all make mistakes we think are ‘terrible’ when in reality we just learn from them and move on… That’s life and that’s how it works, everything happens for a reason!

9 – Stay kind and have compassion – Being kind to others and living with compassion is never a bad thing remember that.

10 – Circumstances change and so do you – If you asked me 5 years ago what I would be doing in 5 years time the answer would have been VERY different and that’s because my life changed in those 5 years along with my hopes and my dreams… as long as you keep reaching for those dreams no matter what, even if you don’t really know what you want… it’s all good! there’s always enough time.


Thank you so so sooo much for reading todays post and stay tuned for more this week! I think im going to write a 21st birthday ‘day in the life post’ too which im pretty excited about! Speak soon!



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