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Lush sleepy body lotion – does it really work? 😴 

Hello blogosphere lovelies!!! Welcome to today’s post. Today’s post is going to be a review or a ‘does it really work’ I can’t even remember the last time I posted a review so I’m super excited to put this up! I can’t tell you how excited I was to try today’s golden product: lush sleepy body lotion. You may have noticed there’s been a-lot of people raving about this product all over the internet since it came out! And I believe they even had to re-stock because they completely sold out! Lush branded this body lotion as a ‘miracle cure for sleepless nights’ and let me tell you… I kinda think it is! I’m a huge insomniac, I don’t fully shut down at night and can stay awake until the sun comes up staring at the ceiling because I have the worlds most over-active brain at night. It sucks! And any product that markets itself as a ‘cure’ for that…. I’m gunnah try!

So I popped into lush when I went shopping with my birthday money (21st birthday shopping haul coming soon!) and I was overjoyed as soon as I saw those glorious tubs of sleepy right at the front of the store, it was the very first thing I picked up. The smell is just delicious! The tub tells us the product contains: lavender and Tonka as well as oatmeal. The smell is that of creamy lavender (almost dessert like) to me. The fragrance also reminds me a lot of one of my all time favourite lush bath bombs Twilight which is also lavender based so if you love that you will definitely love this! The texture is super smooth and it leaves your skin feeling both moisturised and soothed.

I applied this body lotion straight after a shower and before putting on my favourite fluffy pjs and snuggling up for the night! And believe it or not I was asleep by 11.30 (VERY good for me!) so does this product REALLY work or is it just the placebo effect? I suppose we won’t ever really know but all I know is the smell and feel of this body lotion was definitely enough to lull me off to the land of nod. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has difficultly sleeping or just anyone who loves feeling comforted and ready for bed!

Prices: 7.95 – 95g  13.95 – 215g



I hope you got some useful information from this, I’m thinking of posting a ‘Cures for a sleepless night’ post soon if anyone would be interested in reading that? Please leave your opinions in the comments and also comment telling me if you’ve used this product or if your planning on it too! As always thanks for reading todays posts lovelies have a wonderful day and I will be back very soon!



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