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Here comes Autumn! – DIY easy Autumn leaves light up garland.

Hello blogosphere world and welcome to today’s all out Autumn themed post! And what better way to bring in the fall than an easy at home DIY to complete on a chill autumn day at home! Autumn till Christmas is definitely my favourite time of the year I just love the colours, warm coziness and promise of the winter months just around the corner. I went on a Pinterest rampage as usual the other day and found some amazing ideas but this one stood out (I even had the leaves left off last year) so for this DIY you will need:

  • Autumn leaves – real or fake, I’m using fake.
  • Wire lights – I used 100 lights and doubled the wire over itself to have extra lights across the space I needed.
  • Glue gun and approx 2 glue sticks – For fixing the pieces into place.
  • OPTIONAL – extra autumnal decorations – I used cinnamon sticks and pieces out of a potpourri pack. You could also use acorns, dried orange pieces, conkers and so on.

  • How to make:
    1. Start by grabbing your wire lights and fold them to the desired length.
      Use the glue gun to glue a leaf between each light all the way down the wire.
      Between each leaf and light add your desired decoration I used cinnamon sticks so I twisted the wire around the stick then glued it to the wire so it stayed secure.
    1. Carry adding decorations by glueing them to the wire until your garland is complete.
  • And that’s it! So simple and yet so effective. I really enjoyed making these lights and they look amazing and add that extra touch of autumn magic to any room!

  • If anyone has any other autumn DIY ideas I would love to hear them, does anyone else’s favourite time of the year start now? I’m thinking of making this a regular thing throughout autumn and will be posting all DIYS here!

  • Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed and I hope your enjoying the start of a beautiful Autumn/Fall.
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